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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Learning's from Elephant....

Anybody can say What is the Salient Feature of Elephant ?


Of course, TRUNK !!!! Do we know Why ?

1) Elephant trunks have multiple functions, including breathing, olfaction, touching, grasping, and sound production

2) The trunk's ability to make powerful twisting and coiling movements allows it to collect food, wrestle with conspecifics

3) It can lift up to 350 kgs.

4) An elephant can reach items at heights of up to 7 m (23 ft) and dig for water under mud or sand with his Trunk.

Everybody can say these points... But Its not over... All apart of these, There is an unique feature that we need to be learned..

Trunk has MICRO and MACRO Power !!!

What is this Micro & Macro Power...?

  >> An Elephant can twists and break through a tree with his Trunk and 

it can lift heavy Weight upto 350 Kgs 

- Which is MACRO Power

  >> An Elephant's truck have a capable of cracking a peanut shell without breaking the seed. and 

even it can grab a pin from ground by his trunk.. 

Which is MICRO Power


What we can able to do Individually or What we can't able to do individually, Where do we need assistance from other ? and What kind of Skill-sets that we needs to be equipped? 

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