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Monday, October 7, 2013

Be Quiet - Story

Three engineers worked in a foreign land. For some reason the king of that place was displeased with them and punished them a death sentence. They pleaded and begged before the king. He wouldn’t retrace the decision, rather told them that God willing, they could be saved. In his kingdom, they could chop off the neck of the prisoner by some machine. On the day of execution, an old man who pitied them, advised them saying not to utter a single word there. Remain mum. Those engineers agreed to that.  The first one was taken to the guillotine. Somehow the gadget failed to work properly and the engineer was saved. It was the turn of the second engineer—same thing happened and he too, escaped the death-knell.

Now, the third one was intently watching all this. He forgot what he had promised to that old man, about keeping quiet. The moment he was put there, he jumped saying that what you are voicing as God’s sweet will, is nothing but a technical defect in the apparatus. He pointed out the flaw and the executioner easily did the job--- he was killed.
This principle advocates that whenever a situation is heated up, there is a controversy, any argument getting out of hand, your boss/husband/wife—anybody in a fuming rage, a single word from you would add fuel to the fire. So best would be—TO REMAIN QUIET.

After an argument, if the other person finds out that you were correct, even then you never retaliated, listened patiently—he would be thoroughly ashamed and embarrassed. He would certainly repent while your prestige would increase manifolds. 

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