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Monday, October 7, 2013

Dancer - Story

Melanie wanted to be a dancer from the very beginning. She was a gifted artist. She could dance for hours on music. Seeing this, her parents decided to make her a ballet dancer. Those days there was a big dance troupe in town. Her parents took her to the chief of the ballet group and requested him to train her. He asked her to perform. She did that. Instead of paying any attention, he didn’t even bother to look at her. He was busy with his own work. After her performance, he admonished her, saying that she neither had the talent nor the inclination. It would be better if she gave up the idea of pursuing a career in that field and should opt for another career.

Melanie was heart- broken. She felt her world coming to an end. She followed the dance master’s advice and gave up dancing—her only passion. She joined as a teacher in a school. She had been working there for five years now. Once  it so happened that the dance master was away for a while. Melanie was asked to supervise the children. She was teaching them dancing when suddenly the dance teacher reached there. She was stunned to see her talent. She encouraged her and praised her immensely. She told her that she danced superbly. Melanie was stunned to hear that. She couldn’t believe her ears. She was taken to the dance teacher and the world then witnessed one of its most exotic dancers in her.

So, we see how one pessimistic, negative minded teacher  could curb Melanie’s talent for 15 years, whereas the other one shaped her into a true artist.


 Do you want some such person to demolish your aspirations and hopes and dreams? Do not surrender yourself to any such person who can turn you into a frustrated creature and pull you down.

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